Tempest 2.4 GHz 2-Channel MasterBelt (CE)


Note: Tempest systems and parts are subject to availability

The Tempest MasterBelt – CE provides mobile users the ability to coordinate and communicate hands-free, allowing users to move together within the same workspace.

  • BaseStation functionality in a BeltStation
  • A completely portable Wireless Intercom Solution
  • No installation required
  • No rack-mount needed
  • Normal, Shared, and Split Modes available
  • Available in 2-channel Tempest2400 only
  • Compatible with Tempest2400 BeltStations
  • Over 8 hours of battery life

Ideal Applications:

  • Tour Guides
  • Film Crews
  • Reality Television Production
  • Works best with SmartBoom Headsets
  • CE Compliant: Meets European Conformity Requirements
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The Tempest® MasterBelt – CE® meets European Conformity requirements for use in European countries and is ideal for mobile production and offers all the advanced features, reliability, and robustness of the Tempest2400 rack-mount BaseStation in a compact, portable, and easy-to-deploy package that can be conveniently worn on the hip. The Tempest MasterBelt is designed to act as a Tempest BaseStation. This enables the Tempest Wireless technology to be used in applications where users move together within the same workspace. Because the Base is a Belt, there is added flexibility for the group to be on-the-go. The MasterBelt can be paired with any standard Tempest2400 2-channel BeltStation to create a full-featured 2-channel system in the 2.4GHz band. The MasterBelt supports two intercom channels (A/B) and can support up to five BeltStations operating in full duplex simultaneous communication.  The MasterBelt also functions as the 6th full-duplex wireless user in the system.

Ideal Applications:

  • Tour Guides
  • Film Crews
  • Reality Television Production

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