Ultimate Laptop Cooler

Okay, I know those are some pretty bold words but when you see what I am trying to accomplish, it will be clear.

Laptop Cooler Box - Standard Air Flow (x1080)

Elsewhere are vents for things like the RAM, hard drive, video processors and CPU support chipset. The battery isn’t cooled and who knows whether these vents get any measure of forced air to conduct heat away.

Normal laptop coolers are somewhat beneficial in that they will supply the fan with some air (reducing back pressure), provide a general influence of cooling to the bottom of the housing plus at least stir up the air around the vents.

My problem is that I often leave my laptop stationary and on for weeks at a time and I want to keep the components as cool as practical to extend component life.

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Casio PJ-160L Calculator and IH-10 Ink Cartridge

As the opening post for Shared Engrams, I just wanted to record for all that the Casio IH-10 ink cartridge used by the Casio PJ-160L is actually the same cartridge used in the HP ThinkJet, HP part number 51604A. My local office supply store had the HP part in stock and it works perfectly! No need to seek out the original Casio part.

The HP 51604A cartrdige is a perfect match for the discontinued Casio IH-10 ink cartridge.
The HP 51604A cartrdige is a perfect match for the discontinued Casio IH-10 ink cartridge.

Briefly, the Casio PJ-160L is a full-size desktop calculator, clearly with an inkjet printer on-board with a 16-digit back lit LCD display. It can also do basic time calculation, print some basic graphs as well as the usual calculator and tax functions.

Key feel is good, responsiveness is adequate and certainly better than most average calculators. Print quality is very legible although some might consider the characters a bit light / fine in their appearance.

The only real negative I see is that it reverts to showing the time and date after a few minutes (nice) thus losing the last calculation and result (boo.)