Oh, no! Two more bettas!

I had a moment of weakness, and when you see them, I’m sure you’ll understand.

The first one I call Tango. I started calling him Tang, as in the orange power drink as his color is perfect for that.

Tango day 1

The second one is the one that caused me the moment of weakness, the one I call Techno, as in “Technicolor.” Actually, he is iridescent changing to different colors in varying light.

Tech day one

That was the best picture I could get. He is very bashful, spending his time in corner.


Betta getting caught in the “Tunnel of Doom”

My fish, like many others, seem to love getting into tight places. In this case, I had doubled up the panel in a spot where the two fish liked to flare at each other hoping to reduce that just a bit.

Turns out that Red just wanted to get between the panels, going through the “Tunnel of Doom” over and over again.

Don’t worry, Red was always safe, and was able to leave on his own. And after I removed the double panel, he found plenty of other places to get into.