Web Site: S100 Computers

I was thinking about the old Cromemco, S-100 and CP/M days when I ran across a most interesting web site, www.s100computers.com.

They have a great history and technical section plus active NEW board designs. The author has created his own S-100 bus based system from scratch incorporation modern designs and equipment.

If you have any interest in CP/M or the S-100, this is a must visit site. And if you’re curious about the early days of microcomputing, this site will give you a taste of what it was like in those days.

Link: www.s100computers.com

Type 60 AP Selective Signaling System

What you see here is called a Western Electric Type 60 AP Selective Signaling System or sometimes called a Model 60 AP Selector.

AP Selector View 1B (x0180)It was a gift from a friend of mine in Illinois after he saw my fascination with the device. He has an extensive knowledge of mechanical telephone systems and a fully working vintage telephone system.

In a nutshell, it was used on railway dispatching telephone circuits for a couple of purposes.

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