Site Work

Well, a bit of an update, in case anyone sees this.

I tried a few other blogging platforms but have decided to come back to this one. At the same time, my *OLD* web host, LunarPages, started having problems with the server that I was on and thus they complained loudly to me that even downloading a 100k image was taking too much of the CPU resources. Nothing I could do satisfied them so they took matters in their own hands and tried to “fix” the supposed problem which ended up destroying a number of web sites on my account.

Needless to say, I have switched and thus far I am satisfied with the new host. Seems to perform better and everything.

Anyhow, give me a bit of time to get things fixed around here. I happened to have an old backup of the database so a few posts were lost but all-in-all, it’s a decent start.

Note that none of the photos are showing up so that will be first on my to-do list and then to update the theme a bit to something a tad different.


Tumbleweed Invasion

Being that I am from Texas, you might see some Texas news and such here.

And being from Texas, I’ve seen and driven over my share of tumbleweed. It’s not unusual to see hundreds caught up in fence lines for miles at a time.

However, for one West Texas family, a wind storm came from the wrong direction causing hundreds of tumbleweeds to pile up on his home.

Here is a news story to show you more.


Cromemco DPU Board with Z-80A and Motorola 68000

I was thinking about the web site and looked up and remembered that I had another S-100 processor card on my shelf a bit less common than the Cromemco ZPU.

Cromemco DPU Board (x1080)This one has two processors, one being the standard-fare Z-80 for maximum software compatibility and the Motorola 68000 16-bit processor.

I never used this card myself but when it was offered to me, I took it because of the uniqueness and the possibilities it would have offered in “the old days.”

There is more information about the card including the manual for it on the web site.

Link: Cromemco ZPU on