engrams — a┬áhypothetical change in neural tissue postulated in order to account for persistence of memory

Merriam-Webster.com. Merriam-Webster, 2013. Web. February 23, 2013

Briefly, this blog was created as a place to share random thoughts, ideas, memories and whatever can be extracted from the engrams buried deep within the brain.

If nothing else, there might be someone that appears on this site that helps you find another resource or is the proverbial “food for thought.” If either of these are accomplished, then one of my goals has been achieved.

Expect topics may include:

  • web sites and software that I find useful
  • freshwater aquariums, simple basic setups
  • automotive information and commentary
  • interesting links concerning just about anything
  • vintage and modern computing information and commentary
  • random photos
  • photography commentary
  • electronics
  • and whatever engrams bubble to the surface.

There will be postings by a select group of authors hopefully increasing the variety of subjects covered.

I am based in Alabama, like to travel, and, well, you know my interests.

Anyhow, let’s let it ride and see what happens.