Shrimp update

In the 6.6 gallon shrimp-only tank, I’ve lost a few ghost shrimp but do not know why. I checked the water parameters and everything was at or near zero. Certainly not past the first step in the table. On top of that, I’ve been doing two 20% water changers each day, so I don’t think water is the problem.

From the same source, I put a few ghost shrimp in one side of a divided 10 gallon tanks with a betta in each side but all have died over the past few days. In the other side, I have a more ghost shrimp that I put in a week earlier from a difference and they’re still doing fine.

In both cases, I used a drip acclimation process that took over 3 hours to complete. I don’t see how it can be the water since the shrimp from first source seem to be doing well.

On a positive note, the single six day old red cherry shrimp seems to be doing okay. I saw him/her at about 3 PM today.

And in other news, I got to watch a ghost shrimp release her fry into the 6.6 gallon tank. I can confirm two live fry on the first day, one of which is very lively.

I added the First Bites to the water and now I have to start doing very careful water changes. Do you know how long it takes to do a water change using a turkey baster ?!

Finally, I saw a cute image and am sharing it here. As you can see, it is an otocinclus and a ghost shrimp hanging side-by-side on the divider of a 10 gallon betta tank. I thought it looked kinda funny.

Oto and shrimp cleaning side by side