Never mind. Rev 1 didn’t work.

As you can see by this picture…

Techo inside the shrimp safe house

…Techno was able to get into the shrimp safe house, which might not be necessary with the ghost shrimp. Techno has “noticed” them but moved on each time I’ve noticed.

I’ve removed the safe house because I don’t want the betta to get stuck or injured and will just have to keep an eye on the situation.

Addendum: I was browsing my local department store and found a small soap dish and had an A-Ha moment. I quickly purchased my find, rinsed it and placed it in the tank.

Two hours later, two shrimp were stuck in there trying to get out. Not sure how they got in but I left a large opening at the bottom for them. I guess the clear plastic confused them.

Still searching…