Day 1 in their new home

I spy something red WP

Red and Blue are now in their palace.

The white divider is a piece of needlepoint plastic reinforced by those (terrible) sliding-bar ‘report’ covers. I need to for on the anchoring a bit so that it won’t fall over and they get into a fight.

The floating plants (left side of each section in this picture) are java ferns. They’re support to do will in lower light situations. (I forgot what the other one is. but it was free at the pet store.)

For the next few weeks, I will have to do daily water tests, in particular watching for ammonia. The moment ammonia is detected, I’ll have to swap out some water. However, considering the low bio load and large size, I don’t expect that happen for a few days.

My next step is to figure out how to reduce to deflect the water flow. Thankfully, this filter has an adjustable flow which helps but I would like to diffuse it a bit more. Perhaps some of the needlepoint plastic would help.