Photo – Rippled Clouds

When I got home from the office, I got out of my truck and it felt like you could almost reach up and touch the clouds.

Under a ripply sky
Nikon D5100 (24mm 1/640s f/13 ISO 100 HDR)

Or if you looked down the street, it felt like you were in a giant box with a blanket hanging overhead.

I believe the clouds would be classified as stratocumulus undulatus. Here is a Wikipedia entry with a bit more information about them.


Yeah, I know it’s not earth shattering news or anything, but I thought it was a fun photo anyway.

Plus it gave me a chance to try the HDR mode shooting into the Sun catching the back (dark) side of the trees. This is the most aggressive HDR mode built into the Nikon D5100 camera and certainly shows some HDR traits. I’m satisfied for a quick pic in that HDR didn’t totally destroy the contrast and captured much of what I my eye could see. Without HDR, the clouds where the Sun is shining through would have been a massive white blob.